The books of the Sadhana Trilogy

Out of a time of political and religious chaos, Prince Siddhartha will abandon kingdom and family to become a buddha, an awakened one. Three women will affect him profoundly.


website_shakti_lakshmi_closeupThe Tigress and the Yogi (coming Fall 2015)

A talking tigress. A wandering yogi.

When the outcaste girl Mala meets these two, it sets her on a journey from slavery to freedom through an ancient land where chaos threatens gods and mortals alike. She meets gods and goddesses, outlaws and kings, and the young prince Siddhartha, who is prophesied to become the Buddha.




Shiva-Parvati-2Creation Hymn (coming early 2016)

The powerful woman who knows yoga’s supernatural secrets. A warrior’s daughter who dares to master them.

Beautiful and spirited Dhara rejects her suitors and runs away to a mountain cave to study yoga  with Mala, who is more than the humble guru she pretends to be. When war tears Dhara from her teacher, she meets Prince Siddhartha and captures his heart. But she  falls in love with royal power–and his best friend.





Ajanta_PadmapaniThe Mustard Seed (coming 2017)

A kingdom without a king. A mysterious monk who may save it from destruction.

Kirsa has loved Siddhartha since karma brought them together as children, but intoxicating Dhara steals his heart. When Siddhartha abandons his kingdom, his wife and son, and her, Kirsa becomes a famous healer. A deadly plague strikes the kingdom and Kirsa’s only son. Can the mysterious man known as the Buddha help her?