The books of The Sadhana Trilogy

Sadhana: in yoga, the term means a quest, a practice, or a discipline in pursuit of a spiritual goal.



The Tigress and the Yogi 

Book I in the Sadhana Trilogy.

A talking tigress. A wandering yogi. A young woman’s journey through a land where chaos threatens gods and mortals alike.

A tigress speaks to the outcaste girl Mala. Terrified, she flees, colliding with an old yogi. He tells tales that awaken her hunger for forbidden spiritual knowledge. Thus begins her quest for freedom, on which she meets gods and goddesses, outlaws and kings, and the young prince prophesied to become the Buddha.

And when she loses everything she loves, her quest goes terribly wrong.


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The Tigress and the Yogi

The Mountain Goddess (coming Fall/Winter 2016/2017)

Book II in the Sadhana Trilogy.

The Buddha’s wife and the battle between inner peace and worldly power.





The Mustard Seed (coming 2018)

Book III in the Sadhana Trilogy.

A mother’s great loss and the path to healing.









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