The Tigress and the Yogi

website_shakti_lakshmi_closeupBook I in the Sadhana Trilogy.

A talking tigress. A wandering yogi. A young woman’s journey through a land where chaos threatens gods and mortals alike.

Terrified, she flees, colliding with an old yogi. He tells tales that awaken her hunger for forbidden spiritual knowledge. Thus begins her quest for freedom, on which she meets gods and goddesses, outlaws and kings, and the young prince prophesied to become the Buddha.

And when she loses everything she loves, her quest goes terribly wrong.

Awards and Reviews:





“…fascinating reading for anyone remotely interested in Eastern religion and culture…With a strong and graceful writing style, Schanfield combines spirituality and action in a way that’s consistently compelling…an impressive debut…” Blue Ink Reviews

“With its violent, pulsating, and raw sensuality, this story of a heroine from the edges of Buddhist traditions appeals to the senses…Schanfield’s portrayal of the feminine aspects of the divine is highly potent…” Patty Comeau, five stars, Foreword Clarion Reviews

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The Tigress and the Yogi